Entrepreneur workshop

The idea behind the event

My name is Daniela Edemann. I’m an entrepreneur with many years of experience in software development, online marketing and webshops overall.

After the pandemic I’ve missed working along side other entrepreneurs which is why I organized a 1-week co-living and co-working event in 2023. At the event I tried to eliminate some of the issues, I have experienced during other similar events.

The co-living week was a great success and therefore there will be two weeks of co-living and co-working in May 2024. We will travel to the same place that I tested in 2023.

I believe that we learn the most from a diversity of people and personalities and I’ll work towards creating a great variety of people with different experiences and skillsets on each of the two weeks.

In 2024, the trips will be organized in collaboration with Nicki Frandsen

The trip is a private event and you can only participate if you have received a personal approval from either me or Nicki.

Practical about the workshop

  1. We live here https://da.haciendasol.com/ – the place has room for 16 people and got a lot of praise on the first trip.
  2. Accommodation takes place in twin rooms with good beds. Bed linen and towels are included in the price. If the trip is not fully booked, it will be possible to inquire for at singleroom.
  3. There is both the opportunity to work together and retreat to some of the smaller nooks around the residence.
  4. There is a 100% strict selection of the participants, so that the people who join have the right entrepreneurial spirit and necessary experience to give full value to the other participants. If you have suggestions for people who should be considered for participation, drop a hint to Daniela or Nicki.

Time and location

1 Workshop: 11-18/5 – 2024

2 Workshop: 18-25/5 – 2024

Address: Ctra. de Rubite, s/n, 29719 Trapiche, Málaga, Spain

The house we will live in is this – https://da.haciendasol.com/ and we have rented the entire complex, so there is peace and plenty of space to work.

10-14 razor-sharp entrepreneurs will participate during each week.

Practical information

We live two people in each room and if there are people who require a lot of silence or who, for example, snore, then the plan is that you can be placed in one of the homes where only 2 people live in total.
There is 2 rooms in the mainhouse, 2 rooms in the sidehouse and 3 single houses with doublerooms.
In the mainhouse there is a room with 3 beds – but we only plan for 2 people to use it.


We are responsible for the food ourselves, but order food from outside on the last day of each trip. My friend Joan is on the trip and she is in charge of shopping and generally makes sure everything works. If you have special requests, she accepts orders, etc.

You take breakfast yourself when you are ready for it.

Lunch and dinner are made in teams, so everyone has a lunch and an evening where they help cook. The menu is determined by the catering team.
If there is an atmosphere for it, there are several options for ordering food from outside.



There are many workplaces, both large and small, in the houses and surroundings. So there are many possibilities to arrange small or larger sessions where we can save on what people want.

Pool and Spa

There is an unheated pool on site and a spa can be purchased as an extra if there are some who want it.
See some of the many pictures from last year at the bottom of the article


Two large taxis are ordered from the airport.
For trip no. 1, a taxi will arrive at 12.30 and 3:30 p.m.
For trip no. 2, a taxi will basically be ordered until 12.30 and 15.30 – but if more people land with a plane that doesn’t fit with the time, we solve the challenge.
The return trip will also take place in two large taxis
We rent a car, so it is possible to get away from the house, pick up something, etc. if the need arises. You will not be able to take the car yourself, as the insurance only covers two drivers.


Flights are not included in the price


The internet in the house is via a Starlink and we also have a Starlink with us, so there is really good internet. On the last trip, there were no challenges with the network, even though we had 14 people working and the house had not upgraded their network to Starlink.


This is a private non-profit tour. This means that you have a great influence, but that you also have to take care of insurance yourself, etc.
The price of the house is 3.500€ per week and it is shared equally between the participants – but maximum 350€. Everything else bought on the tour is also shared equally between all participants. In case there is availability and you wish single occupancy this can be organized at an additional cost.
The price for a private room is 500€. (total rent / number of rooms. 3.500/7).
We expect the price for rent and catering to be 460€ – 550€. This is for living in a shared room.
After the trip, necessary documents will be sent to deduct the trip.

Reservation of space and payment

Registration takes place on a first-come, first-served basis.
You pay by transferring money via MobilePay to the number next to the team you want to participate in. If you have no access to MobilePay – you can make a Revolut transfer to Nicki – just contact us for the informations. Nicki will afterwards make a transfer to the MobileBox.
I have chosen to use MobileBox for that, as that way I can better see who has paid and what we have left in the account – both in general and for the different teams.


At present, registrations and interest in the tour look like this.

For further infomation please contact Daniela or Nicki at WhatsApp
Daniela +45 51905441
Nicki +45 29608301

Pictures from 2023